What we believe

We believe in using only premium ingredients in our natural skin care products


We believe that taking great care of your skin means understanding what you are putting on it. 

Realizing what your skin care products are comprised of is the key to understanding how they can adversely affect your body and skin.   No matter the promises and assurances of chemical-laden products, in the end they are still toxic.  It is truly empowering when you make the decision that your skin deserves to be taken care of in the most natural way possible. Trust us, your skin will thank you for it!


We believe that skin care products should feel luxurious, smell incredible and nourish your skin without compromising the demand for true and pure ingredients.   

This is the basis for which our products are created.   Smooth, creamy and rich are signature characteristics of Chiluna’s products, along with amazing scents that will make you feel pampered every day.   We formulate with only the best natural, organic and wildcrafted ingredients that will serve to nourish your beautiful skin.  You can rest into the knowledge that we do not compromise on ingredients in our natural skin care products.  Ever.


We believe that knowing the ingredients in your skin care products will make you happy, feel amazing and proud of where it comes from each time you use it. 

On our site, we list every single ingredient we use in our products.   There are no surprises, only natural purity.  We explain how each is used and how each benefits the skin.  We believe that doing this inspires confidence and a sense of pride in using organic skin care products and in particular using Chiluna’s natural skin care line. 


We believe that you will fall in love with our products. 

How could you not?  All natural skin care products made by hand, in small batches, by order only, just for you.   Each product is created with the health of the body and skin in mind, a sincere wish to change how we treat our skin and perceive skin care and to help create a sense of empowerment in using truly healthy products.  What’s not to love?

Have a look at some of our natural skin care products. Each and every one is lovingly handcrafted, using only the freshest organic ingredients. Try one for yourself, or a loved one. You will not be disappointed!