Dead Sea Body Scrub: Amazing!  This scrub did three things that no other scrub has done before, exfoliated, softened and moisturized!  I have used other scrubs that exfoliated but did not leave the skin intensely moisturized.  It felt incredible going on, rinsed off nicely and results days later were still evident with respect to a healthy glow and suppleness of the skin.  As an all-natural product made to order it truly shows in the results, the care and consideration that goes into a ‘Chiluna’ product right down to its packaging/presentation.

Sole Butter: A personal fave for sure!   I like to use this butter after I have pumiced my heels/soles, apply the butter all over the foot and then cover with soft/plush socks allowing for ultimate hydration and restoration of the feet. The sole butter felt incredible going on, intense hydration is immediately evident and the results the next morning is softened sandal ready feet!

Many thanks to Deb for sharing these incredible skin secrets!

April, Pickering

I love these products!  After being diagnosed with cancer, I realized the importance of using only clean, non-toxic products on my skin and so I began to search for products that I could feel good about using.  I was absolutely delighted when I found Chiluna!  My favourites are the body butter and the deodorant. They both smell and feel amazing – and because of the essential oils their scents are natural and “real”.  I don’t have to worry anymore about what is going on my skin!

Cindy, Port Elgin

I love your products! The body butter is wonderful and the best I’ve ever used!  It’s so rich and creamy and makes my skin feel silky.  The deodorant cream is such a fabulous product too.  It smells divine, and I can’t believe how well it works!  A little really does go a long way.  Thank you!

Laurie, Ontario

I’m so happy to have found you!  I received my order just last week and I absolutely LOVE your hand & body lotion.  The vanilla scent is so incredible, I almost want to eat it!  Not greasy at all but still made my skin feel soft and moisturized.  I can’t wait to try more of your products. Good luck with your company!

W, Toronto

Wow!  Your hand & body lotion is simply amazing!  The scent is so delicious and relaxing.  Light and creamy, I love how it feels on my skin and I love how easily it soaks in.  The vanilla stays with me all day.  Like I said, simply amazing! 

Holly, Owen Sound

I love all of your products but my absolute favorite is the body scrub.  I love the natural ingredients and how soft and smooth it makes my skin feel. It smells fantastic and I don’t need much, yet my skin still feels amazing into the next day!

Thank you for such wonderful product!

Chris, London