Our Natural Skin Care Products

476201969Our focus is to create pure, clean, and natural skin care products that are free from artificial preservatives and fragrances, parabens, SLS, silicones and petrochemicals.   Nothing fake.  Nothing toxic. 

When we set out to make clean, natural skin care products accessible to everyone, we did not wish to replicate what was already on the market, rather to share in the products that have been inspired and formulated by Deb.   We cherish the idea of offering more natural ways to moisturize, protect, soothe, exfoliate and ease irritation.   This is our main purpose and we have dedicated ourselves to creating a line of pure, high quality natural skin care products that work to nourish and improve the condition of your skin.  It is why we purposefully handcraft in small batches, from scratch, when you order.

To create with the health of the body and skin in mind, we begin with sourcing out only the best organic, natural and wild crafted ingredients available.  And a fundamental part of this process is to infuse our own oils, with herbs we have handpicked, for use in the formulations.  For example, steeping wild crafted St John’s Wort and Arnica flowers into our oils ensures quality and potency in our muscle balms, and organic vanilla beans are infused into Jojoba and Sweet Almond oil for inclusion in our lotions, butters, and scrubs.  This, along with organic essential oils, is the best, most natural way to create that amazing, heavenly scent that our customers love so much and that defines our line.   The end result is pure concentrated natural skin care products that deliver the best quality and effectiveness for our customers and are a refreshingly clean choice.  Remember, a little goes a long way!

Because of the pure, fresh and natural ingredients we use, and the fact that we do not use chemical preservatives, we are proud to say that everything we make has an expiry date and will not stay fresh for long periods of time, so please enjoy within 6 months of purchase/formulation date.