Deblinkedin1cChiluna Handcrafted Body & Skin Care is a family owned company based on the beautiful shores of Georgian Bay, Ontario.  A picturesque and peaceful place, it inspires me every single day to create organic skin care products that people with all types of skin can enjoy using.

A few years ago, I suddenly became sensitive to most of the beauty and skin care products I had been using for years.  Although I’m now certain it didn’t happen overnight, I still recall it happening abruptly enough to take me completely by surprise.  One day I was using my favourite deodorant, and the next my skin said, “no”.   I had always purchased my skin care line based somewhat on performance but mostly on scent.  If it smelled fresh and clean and promised to protect and moisturize, I wanted to try it.   After my sensitivities emerged, I began investigating the ingredients and fragrances that defined these products and became aware very quickly why my skin had, inevitably, reacted.  Harsh chemicals, toxic preservatives and synthetic fragrances – all linked to everything from skin rashes and allergies, to cancer and hormone disruption.  After trying a few other ‘natural’ products, I discovered they either contained hidden ingredients that I could not tolerate or that they just didn’t work.  I knew that the only choice was to make my own.

Founded on the belief that, like me, people want authentically clean, healthy and high quality organic skin care products, I began with just one natural body lotion.  Combining only a few basic ingredients, I created a simple and effective natural skin moisturizer that became an instant love with family and friends.   

The importance and necessity of creating purity in organic skin care products, and making them accessible to everyone, became my passion.  And after two years of dedicated research and endless devotion for an exemplary product, Chiluna was born.

At Chiluna, all research and development, formulations, packaging, marketing and distribution are done in-house, allowing us to control every step of the process, from formulation to shipment to our customers.  This method inspires confidence and certainty in the purity and quality of the organic skin care products our customers receive.

I believe in what we do, I am proud of what we create, and I know that you will love our products. 

I invite you to treat yourself, today! 


Deb Jones