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What We Believe

Purity is essential in skin care products

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Pure Clean Natural

We use only the best, natural, organic and wildcrafted ingredients available to create our line of clean, high quality, natural skin care products.  Scented with only pure essential oils, our handcrafted products smell amazing, feel luxurious and effectively work to nourish and improve the condition of your skin. A truly natural alternative and a refreshingly clean choice in skin care.   

Our Principles

We are committed to using only fresh, natural ingredients and no chemical preservatives.  We handcraft in small batches to ensure quality, purity and certainty in a safe and effective product. We do not cut corners and will not compromise the demand for true and pure ingredients, reinforcing our principle that every natural skin care product that we create has an expiry date.


At Chiluna, all our natural skin care products are handcrafted with loving care. The creator of the Chiluna skin care line, Deb Jones, beleives that only the very best ingredients should be put on your skin. All the ingredients we include in our products are natural and organic. No chemicals. No pesticides. No herbicides. Nothing that can cause irritation or damage to your sensitive skin. If you have a sensitivity to certain elements or ingredients don’t worry! On every one of our products we list each and every ingredient that goes in. We have nothing to hide at Chiluna. Go to any product page and click on the ingredients tab for a full list of ingredients in that product.

Everyone sees your skin. Shouldn’t it one of the parts of your body where you don’t compromise what you put on it? Come and have a look at our full line of natural skin care products. You will not be disappointed with the way your skin looks and feels after using an all natural Chiluna product!